Dear Webmasters, make use of our embedded and invisible API software to enhance your websites and save yourself time and effort immediately.

User Accounts

GlassCityHosting has an API software solution that will allow you to add "User Accounts" to your website without having to code it yourself. This solution is embedded and invisible.

Webmasters Cart

Our GlassCityHosting website shopping cart can be embedded into any website. Embed our easy to use API cart into your project website and your customers will never know.

Bulk Email

GlassCityHosting has bulk email service that is private labeled for your business. Never fear using GlassCityHosting to keep your email spam compliant and your promotions sending with this set of API's.

Bidding Software

GlassCityHosting has API bidding software for any type of business. If you have a need for bidding software contact us today for embedded API instructions.

Webmasters Blog

Our GlassCityHosting blog can be embedded into any website. Embed our easy to use API blog into your project website and within minutes begin blogging.


GlassCityHosting has an inventory API that can be embedded into any website. If a webmaster needs an inventory program we have you covered. Embedded and Invisible.

We offer cPanel Hosting and our own custom API's to meet you needs.

Please contact us through GlassCitySoftware.com
More API's Coming Soon!